Professional Project Solar Street Light

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    • A stand-alone solar photovoltaic street lighting system is an outdoor lighting unit used to illuminate a street or an open space. Solar street lighting system consists of solar photovoltaic (SPV) module, luminaire, storage battery, control electronics, interconnecting wires/cables, pole module assembly including hardware and battery. The luminaire is based on the low power of LEDs which emit light when an electric current passes through it. The fixture is mounted on the mast at an appropriate angle to maximize ground illumination. The PV module is placed on top of the pole at an angle facing south so that it receives solar radiation throughout the day, without any shadows falling on it. A battery is built into the light head. The electricity generated by the PV module charges the battery during the day which powers the luminaire from dusk to dawn. The system turns on at dusk and automatically turns off at dawn.



    80w 120w professional project solar street light, high brightness, high efficiency

    The Bright Outdoor LED Solar Street Light IP65 Smart Power Control is a high quality, durable, weatherproof solar lighting solution for residential and commercial applications. Designed with extended performance in mind to extend lighting on a single charge, this product features a high capacity LiFePO battery paired with an intelligent power management lighting system to extend lighting for up to at 5 nights. It can be operated in maintenance-free automatic mode from dusk to dawn or on demand.





    Model number watts LED chips Battery Solar panel Operating mode Output voltage working time per day rainy days Installation height
    LT-P01080A 80W 40 pieces 42000mAH 50W polycrystalline Light control 12V 12 hours 3 10m
    LT-P01120A 120W 60 pieces 60000mAH 60W polycrystalline 5 12 meters


    Intelligent Light Control System  : Solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and stored in Li-Fe battery via controller, LED light will work automatically at night by light sensor control and provide light for the area of ​​darkness.

    LED Energy Saving Lamp  : Highly waterproof lamp, the lamp is made of rectangular beads, the color index is over 80, and the lumens are over 160 per watt. The lamp charging time is 6-8h and the discharging time is 3-5 rainy days.



    –   IP6 5  Bright Outdoor LED Solar Street Light   with Intelligent Power Control is an energy efficient, grid-independent, commercial-grade outdoor lighting solution   powered by solar energy via the backup battery.

    –   Upgraded polycrystalline solar panel increased energy conversion rate   to shorten battery charging time.

    –   The lamp is equipped with a high capacity 100  Ah lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery   , which provides safe and reliable performance while remaining more environmentally friendly. It is capable of powering the lighting all night long.

    –   Intelligent lighting power management system automatically adjusts power based on remaining battery charge   to ensure lighting stays on longer. Full discharge time is up to 5 consecutive nights.

    –   Battery indicator shows remaining charge which will help plan lighting performance  . This allows the lighting to diffuse even after an overcast and rainy environment.

    – Powerful Bright High Lumen performance is provided by  high quality  imported  Bridgelux   SMD  3030 LED chip  .  Specially designed optical lenses increase brightness and illumination area by more than 25% with 150° illumination angle.

    – Individual controller, 12V working system, very good performance, your best choice for professional project with very commercial price, OEM is acceptable

    –   Several operational options:

    o Automatic light control system automatically turns the light on in the dark and off during the day or in bright light conditions.

    o Working time can be set up according to your needs before production, LED screen remote control can be provided if you need, it can adjust brightness, working time and others

    –   The solar panel is detached from the light with the cable and fitted with the brackets  . Flexible mounting construction with adjustable and rotatable angles of the solar panel increases sunlight exposure from all directions.

    –   Durable Waterproof and Heat Resistant Design:  Improved IP6  water and weather resistance   to withstand extreme outdoor environments. The die-cast aluminum body withstands extreme weather and environmental conditions and extends the life of the lamp.

    –   Sufficient power consumption construction provides heat sink. The highly efficient heat dissipation system keeps the LED chips cool   by preventing them from overheating.

    –   Easy to install, configure and use  . A universal bracket is suitable for wall or light pole applications.

    –   No maintenance or electricity costs.  User-friendly design, no wiring or professional installation required












    Operating mode


    These solar-powered street lights turn on by themselves at dusk, turn off and recharge at sunrise. If you have a busy schedule, they will work great for you because they don’t need your supervision.



    IP65 waterproof


    These versions are designed with an IP65 waterproof rating and can also withstand power surges and dust. The kit contains the set of installation accessories. You can effortlessly mount them to a tree, pole, balcony, wall, or any outdoor location you desire. These solar street lights can be mounted instantly as long as there is a wall or pole.






    The bright IP6 5  LED outdoor solar street light   with smart power control is designed to provide bright, reliable and long-lasting illumination   and is ideal for maintaining occasional or emergency lighting in residential or commercial premises, including areas around home, garage, garden, porches, patios, verandas, side and backyard, driveway, gates, stairs, driveway, fence, etc.

    – Suitable for industrial and commercial premises, including roads and highways, parking lots, warehouses, coal and iron ore mines and factories, construction sites, docks, stadiums, cafes, hotels , billboards, farms, etc.

    – Ideal as security lighting for outdoor properties and remote buildings.

    – Applicable for illuminating public areas, including parks, parking lots, roads, streets, playgrounds, basketball, football and tennis courts, etc.



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