We provide innovative energy solutions for West Africa

About us

Who are we?

EVAO Benin is a leading solar energy company established in 2021 with a mission to provide affordable and reliable energy solutions to businesses and households in West Africa.

 Our innovative products and services, including solar street lights, LED energy saving lights, solar kits and equipment, solar pumps, solar panels and storage batteries, have made us a trusted supplier for government projects and a leader of the sector.


our success

Leadership and Innovation

At EVAO Benin, our success is due to our commitment to excellent customer service, our focus on providing high quality products and our responsible business practices. As a result, we have gained recognition as a partner of international institutions such as GIZ, ABERME and CARE.

 Our partnerships with these organizations have allowed us to bring our expertise and innovative solutions to even more individuals and institutions in our community in need.

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Community Outreach
Government Projects
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tangible results

Our results

With its tangible results in just two years of activity and its strong passion for positive impact, EVAO Benin is destined to continue its growth and success in the years to come. Our team of experts strives to provide the best possible service to our customers, and our commitment to responsible business practices has earned us a reputation as a leader in the industry.

 We are proud to contribute to a better future for West Africa and we are committed to continuing our efforts to bring affordable and sustainable energy solutions to the region.

Irrigation System

Solar Irrigation Systems

With Futurepump’s SF2 pumps offer, we are proud to support the autonomy and profitability of Beninese farmers.

We bring you premium quality heavy duty solar street light kits designed with an IP65 waterproof rating that is surge and dust resistant

best technologies

Our engagement

At EVAO Benin , we are committed to delivering complete solar solutions at affordable prices for our customers. Our access to international markets through our partners EVAO Inc. (a Canadian company) and Solar Philippines allows us to use only the best technologies, which is crucial to ensure a superior return on your investment.

 Listening to our customers, EVAO Benin is a local company concerned with offering the best solar solution at a lower cost. We believe that opting for renewable energy is not only an eco-responsible decision, but above all the best decision to quickly ensure the electrification of our West African population.

Solar Lighting

Powerful and independent lighting

With our public solar lighting solutions, no more additional financial burdens. You will benefit from powerful and uninterrupted lighting and above all a very significant reduction in the carbon footprint. 

Performance and Resistance

The solar street lighting system we offer consists of solar photovoltaic (SPV) module, luminaire, storage battery, control electronics, interconnecting wires/cables, a module mounting post including hardware and battery.

IP65 Waterproof Rating

These versions are designed with an IP65 waterproof rating and can also withstand power surges and dust.
Working time can be set up according to your needs before production.

Several Operational Options

The automatic light control system automatically turns the light on in the dark and off during the day or in bright light conditions.The kit contains the set of installation accessories