Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

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    • Solar Floodlight: 100W 200W 300W outdoor solar street lights, high quality solar light, model 2835 LED lamp beads provide super bright lighting effect, built-in large capacity battery and polysilicon solar panel up to 21% solar conversion rate. lamp, and can be recharged 100,000 times and has a service life of more than 25 years, which can meet the lighting needs of large places such as parking lots, stadiums, gardens and passageways.
    • 【Work in cloudy days】:Solar street lights can also work in rainy days, but charging takes 12 hours or even longer, and can only be turned on for a short time when not fully charged, please pay attention to weather and load conditions.
    • 【Easy to Install, Indoor + Outdoor】: The outdoor solar floodlights come with a set of mounting accessories, which can meet a variety of installation methods, such as installing on the wall, pole , the tree, the balcony or anywhere you want. Install it. It contains a 16ft connection wire, the solar light can be installed indoors, and the solar panel can still be installed outdoors. No house wiring, no maintenance. The recommended installation height is about 10-30 feet, suitable for streets and roads, courtyards, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyards, etc.
    • 【IP65 Waterproof】: The solar light adopts high quality ABS shell, which is lightning and rainproof, and can withstand various harsh weather conditions outdoors. The IP65 waterproof solar street light is suitable for -5℃ -65°C working temperature;
    • 【Smart Light Sensor + Remote Control】: There are two control methods for this bright outdoor street light: 1. Light sensor control: It will automatically light up at night and can work continuously for 10-12 hours when is fully charged. with 0 electricity bill all year round. Automatically turn off charging during the day, and can be fully charged automatically in 6-10 hours. 2. Multi-function remote control: The remote control provides multiple long-distance control modes, easy to operate. You can use the remote control to force the switch, time and adjust the brightness.




    2023 New Model 100W 200W 300W Outdoor Solar LED Floodlights, High Brightness Dusk Till Solar Security Street Lights with Remote White LED for Parking Lot, Stadium, Yard, Pool, Path, Flagpole

    Super bright solar light suitable for installation in parking lots, stadiums, roads, garages, farms, barns, roads, sidewalks, yards, etc.


    – Solar LED Security Flood Light is a high quality, energy efficient and grid independent lighting solution powered by solar energy.

    – Upgraded commercial grade solar panel with improved energy conversion rate to shorten battery charging time even on rainy or cloudy days.

    – The light is equipped with a pre-installed advanced new generation of LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery which can operate in high temperature environments with improved cycle life and longer discharge rate.

    – Flexible mounting construction with adjustable solar panel angles increases sunlight exposure from all directions while the aluminum frame protects the solar panel. Remote solar panel design with 5m cord allows the panel to be installed under direct sunlight.

    – Light Timing function lasting 3.5 and 8 hours with memory function by remote control. The light turns on automatically at night in the selected mode and turns off after the chosen time: 3 5 or 8h.

    – The remote control with an extended range of up to 7 m allows control of the on/off switch, the selection of lighting modes, the adjustment of brightness and synchronization with the memory function.

    – Charging LED and flashing battery indicator, let you know the actual battery capacity at any time

    – Fully automated operation process with a special built-in light control system [DUSK to DAWN operation] that automatically turns the light on in darkness and off in daylight or bright light conditions.

    – Suitable for indoor installation and use as the light can be turned on with the remote control even during the day [light control system can be turned off for constant light mode].

    – Durable waterproof and heat-resistant design: IP66 improved water and weather resistance. The aluminum alloy casing provides strong anti-oxidation protection and the ability to withstand exposure to the Australian sun.

    – Sufficient power consumption construction provides heat sink. The highly efficient heat dissipation system allows the LED chips to be cooled by preventing them from overheating.

    – Easy to install, configure and use. The universal bracket is suitable for wall and fence light post applications.

    – No maintenance or electricity costs. User-friendly design, no wiring or professional installation required.




    Product Name High brightness solar floodlight
    Model number LT-RA-100W LT-RA-200W LT-RA-300W
    watts 100W 200W 300W
    led chips 233PCS SMD2835 344PCS SMD2835 395PCS SMD2835
    CCT (color temperature) 6500K
    Housing material
    Loading time
    Discharge time 10-12h per day
    Operating mode Light control + remote control
    Apps parking lot light, pathway light, yard light, garage light, garden light, etc.


    Product details







    Solar panel conversion rate up to 17%: solar panel silicon wafer made of polycrystalline silicon, the charging efficiency is as high as 17%, and the large size solar panel design is more convenient and flexible to install .



    16.4 Meters Long Extension Cable: Outdoor high temperature special waterproof extension cable, the connecting cable length between lamp body and solar panel is up to 16.4 feet, if you have need to lengthen it,




    Installation method

    2 installation methods

    1. Wall-mounted installation, fix the solar light and solar panel with expansion screws, safe and stable 2. Light pole/flagpole installation, the product package is equipped with accessories, which can be mounted on a 33 foot high light pole



    Work mode

    Operating mode

    – Fully automated operation process with special built-in light control system [DUSK to DAWN] which automatically turns the light on in darkness and off in daytime or bright light conditions.




    – Solar LED Security Floodlight provides reliable, long lasting illumination and is ideal for maintaining occasional, emergency or security lighting around residential and commercial premises.

    – Residential application includes home, garage, garden, porches, patios, balconies and verandas, side and backyard, walkways, driveway, stairs, entryway, the path, the fence, etc. Convenient corner installation allows both sides of the premise to be illuminated at the same time.

    – Commercial application is suitable for industrial and commercial premises including warehouses, parking lots, cafes, hotels, factories, coal mines, mining sites, agricultural fields, orchards and stables , building and construction sites, road works, etc.

    – Applicable to illuminate public areas, including parks, parking lots, roads, streets, playgrounds, etc.

    – It is ideal as a security light for any outdoor property.



    Model number


    Type of light

    Solar LED

    Nominal power




    Product Name

    solar projector

    Color temperature

    Cool white 6500K


    ABS + polysilicon



    Loading time

    5-6 hours

    Operating mode

    Light sensor + remote control

    Solar panel

    polycrystalline silicon

    Number of lamp beads

    395PCS LEDs

    Waterproof category


    lighting time

    10-12 hours a day

    lighting area


    Packing quantity


    2 reviews for Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

    1. Amine

      This is one of my best purchase this year. Great product, lots of light and great features like dusk to dawn, movement detection, etc. I highly recommend this product and the seller is outstanding, great customer service.

    2. Béranger

      Super Nice Quality Street Light!

      Great Quality and super solid. Easy to install and charges up in just a few hours of light, but lasts the entire night with a super bright light. Highly Recommend.

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