High quality solar street light pole

120,000.00 CFA

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    • Post shaft – The post shaft is a one-piece assembly conforming to ASTM A595 Grade A or A572 Grade 55 with a constant linear taper of 0.14 in/ft.
    • Pole Top – A removable top cap is provided for poles that accept drilling templates for side mount luminaire arm assemblies. Other post top options include Tenon Top, Top Cap Only, or Open Top, which is typical when the diameter of the post top matches the fit dimensions needed.
    • Handhole – A reinforced handhole with grounding provision is provided 1′-6″ from the base end of the pole assembly. Each hand hole includes a cover and cover attachment hardware. Posts with a base diameter of 5.90″ come with a 3″ X 5″ rectangular handhole. All other post assemblies are supplied with a 4″ X 6.5″ oval hand hole (dimensions are nominal).
    • Base Cover – A complete two-piece base cover made from ABS plastic is supplied with each post assembly. Additional base cover options, including cast aluminum and fabricated steel cover, are available upon request. A complete two piece steel base cover is required for some applications depending on the finish requirement and/or post base square. The factory reserves the right to supply a full two piece steel base cover on some applications depending on finish requirements and/or post base diameter.
    • Anchor Bolts – Anchor bolts conform to ASTM F1554 Grade 55 and are supplied with two hex nuts and two flat washers. The bolts have an “L” bend on one end and are galvanized a minimum of 12″ on the threaded end.
    • Nut covers – The nut covers can be replaced on most models.



    Finding the right amount of lighting for your outdoor space can be tricky. You want a powerful, durable and affordable commercial lamp post. With the use of 4 inch square steel street lights, you can easily   find the right lighting solution for your parking lot . Perfect for roads, parking lots, and other areas that require supplemental lighting at night, these 4 inch square steel light poles are an attractive and affordable way to provide the safety and security provided by proper nighttime lighting. Our 4 inch square steel light poles feature two drill holes, each 180 degrees apart. These commercial grade floor lamps are mechanically cleaned, baked powder coat finished and painted dark bronze.

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    Post shape






    Material: Hot rolled steel, Q235,Q345,S235,S355,SS400,Gr 50
    Material yield strength: Minimum yield strength>=235n/mm2 for Q235, S235 and SS400

    Minimum yield strength>=345n/mm2 for Q345 S355 and Gr 50

    post height 3m –15m
    Length of one by Within 16m once forming without slip joint
    wall thickness 2.3mm-30mm
    The shape of the pole can be made Conoid, Multi-pyramidal, Colonniform, Polygonal or Conical
    arm type can be made Single or double brackets/arms are shaped and dimensioned according to customers’ requirements
    arm diameter The diameters of 42 mm, 48 mm, 60 mm, 76 mm, etc. can fit lamps of any diameter.
    Paint color: (RAL) color card or refer to customer requirements
    Surface treatment 1: Black pole, rough pole galvanizing, 3-5 years life
    Surface treatment 2 Anti-rust hot-dip galvanizing The service life is 20 years
    Surface treatment 3: Hot-dip galvanizing with color polyester powder coating   Service life is 20-25 years
    Temperature difference 35°C~+45°C
    Wind speed Against wind pressure from 120Km/h to 180Km/h, according to customer’s design.
    Mounted base plate The base plate is square, octagonal or round in shape with slotted holes for the anchor bolt and the dimension according to 

    customer requirement.

    Floor mounted The length buried underground according to customer’s requirement.
    Welding Submerged arc welding mainly for the pole.


    How to select a floor lamp according to the height of your installation and the different lighting fixtures?



    Installation height Types of street lamps
    ≦2m Coloniform 
    3m-5m Conoid and Columniform 
    ≧5 Conoid 



    Types of street lamps lightening devices
    ≧4m Coloniform Solar garden light, UFO solar street light, all in one solar street light, solar floodlight
    self-folding arm All in one solar street light, 110V/220V street light
    ≧5 Split Type Solar Street Light


    Our standard floor lamp



    Model number Height Thickness Upper diameter Bottom diameter Base plate Material
    LTPZZ-5M 5m 2.5mm 60mm 132mm 250*250*10mm Q235
    LTPZZ-6M 6m 2.5mm 60mm 132mm 250*250*10mm Q235
    LTPZZ-7M 7m 2.5mm 60mm 132mm 250*250*10mm Q235
    LTPZZ-8M 8m 2.5mm 60mm 150mm 300*300*12mm Q235
    LTPZZ-9M 9m 2.5mm 60mm 150mm 300*300*12mm Q235
    LTPZZ-10M 10m 3.5mm 80mm 200mm 350*350*16mm Q235
    LTPZZ-11M 11m 3.75mm 80mm 200mm 380*380*18mm Q235
    LTPZZ-12M 12m 3.75mm 80mm 200mm 400*400*20mm Q235


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    Choose from tapered and non-tapered post designs and heights up to 60 feet (18 meters). Many of our light poles and brackets can also be mounted on one or more luminaires, giving you greater flexibility in your outdoor lighting design. Choose from sleek and stylish poles for decorative pole mounted fixtures or street light poles that have what it takes to light up the roads for many years to come.










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