Future Pump SF2

450,000.00 CFA

  • Pump up to a maximum of 1 liter per second (3,600 liters per hour)
  • Maximum suction depth: 7 m
  • Maximum total drop: 15 m
  • Horizontal discharge: up to 500 m
  • Can be purchased with or without solar panels (select your preferred option when adding to cart)
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    The Futurepump SF2 solar pump is an innovative and eco-friendly solution for crop irrigation in remote areas and off-grid areas. This pump uses solar energy to pump water from sources such as wells, rivers or reservoirs.


    Featuring a rugged design and quality construction, the Futurepump SF2 solar pump is built to perform reliably in harsh conditions and withstand prolonged use. It is also easy to install and maintain, making it a practical option for farmers and rural communities.


    The pump is equipped with solar panels which capture the energy of the sun and transform it into electricity to power the pump. It has a built-in battery that stores excess energy for use during cloudy periods or at night, ensuring continuous operation.


    The Futurepump SF2 solar pump offers reliable and efficient performance, with high pumping capacity and sufficient pressure for crop irrigation. It can be used for drip irrigation, micro-irrigation systems or water supply for livestock.


    By using the Futurepump SF2 solar pump, farmers can increase their agricultural yields, improve their food security and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels or expensive electricity sources. It also contributes to the preservation of the environment by reducing carbon emissions and using a renewable energy source.


    At shallow depth, the Futurepump SF2 can produce up to 1 liter per second, i.e. 3600 liters / hour or


    1. Suction limit height at the entrance: 7 meters
    2. Maximum discharge height: 15 meters
    3. Delivery length: up to 500m



    1. Maximum pump voltage: 65V DC
    2. Maximum motor amps: 4 amps DC
    3. Max Watt: 360W
    4. Piston diameter: 104mm
    5. Inlet/outlet for 32mm hose
    6. Volume generated per stroke: 150 cm3
    7. Normal flywheel speed: 100-250 rpm
    8. 90mm transmission pulley for 0-8m pumping height
    9. 50 mm transmission pulley for pumping height >8 m


    The Futurepump SF2 is suitable for:


    1. direct irrigation using a garden hose
    2. the use of sprinklers (available from Futurepump)
    3. drip irrigation
    4. raised tanks



    1. Pump weight: 19.5 kg
    2. Pump dimensions: 520mm x 530mm x 200mm
    3. Total weight of the package: 28 kg
    4. Package volume: 0.150 m3
    5. Suction hose supplied: inner diameter 31.8mm, outer diameter 38.8mm. Length 6m.


    Toolbox: 3 spanners of different sizes, a double-ended screwdriver. Complete disassembly and reassembly with these tools.


    3 x spare drive belts
    3 x spare piston rings
    4 x adjustable hose clamps
    2 x 32mm fittings
    2 x 32 – 38mm reducers
    1 x strainer
    1 x pack of graphite packing glands
    1 x complete set of o-rings


    The SF2 comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, which means that maintenance and parts will be provided free of charge to our customers during this period through our network of certified distributor partners.


    Best support is provided by warranty registration upon purchase through warranty.futurepump.com


    The SF2 is manufactured in India by Futurepump at our factory using an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.


    Black, Blue, dark-blue, dark-green




    pearson education(mar.1st,2012)




    8.40* 10.70*0.90 inches




    Elementary Education

    1 review for Future Pump SF2

    1. Zakari

      As a small-scale farmer, I was looking for an affordable and reliable irrigation solution. EVAO’s Futurepump SF2 exceeded my expectations. It’s incredibly easy to set up, and the solar-powered operation saves me money on diesel and electricity. The pump has consistently delivered the water I need for my crops. Thanks to EVAO, I can now farm more efficiently and sustainably.

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